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School Is Back in Session—Watch Out for the Children

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 09, 2013

Some kids went back to school in August, while other public schools started around September 3, 2013, yet any time is a good time for us to remember to think about children who are walking to and from school. We routinely look for cars and trucks, but are not as good at watching for pedestrians, bikers, or cyclists who share the roads with us.

Although we may think about kids going to and from school, there are many more times we need to be alert for them. School bus pickup times start as early as 6:30 a.m. There are recess times in the morning, during their lunch break, and midafternoon. Many students are involved in after school
activities, so their trip home is late afternoon.

Some suggestions that should help all of us:

• Slow down.
• Stop at all stop signs—no rolling stops.
• Continually check all sidewalks and crosswalks.
• Scan up the road and back, then side-to-side, and keep your eyes moving.
• Be careful around parked cars; they hide little ones who could dart out.
• Walk around your parked car before getting in to make sure no kids are hiding in a blind spot.
• Give bikes and cycles their right to the road.
• Minimize distractions while driving.

As we move into fall and winter, we will have shorter days. Seeing children will be even more challenging. As such, we need to keep our eyes moving while we drive. Staring down the road is an easy trap we can fall into.

Staying alert and moving the eyes to get the big picture will always help us safely get to where we are going, protect everyone, and certainly help
protect young ones who are more prone to spontaneous acts that can put them in great danger.

Ed Dedolph
Senior Loss Control Representative


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