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How to Gain More Clients With a Referral Marketing Strategy

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Aug 13, 2018

Gain more clients with a referral marketing strategy that works (and won't cost you a fortune).

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How to Make a Risk Management Checklist That Encourages Company Safety

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jul 30, 2018

Is your risk management checklist up for the challenge of keeping your employees and your customers safe?

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5 Advantages of Social Media for Small Businesses on a Budget

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jul 16, 2018

There is no end to the advantages of social media for small businesses. The trick is learning what works and what doesn’t.

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5 Astonishing Ways an Employee Outing Can Boost Motivation

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jul 02, 2018

Are the motivation and morale slipping in your business? It might be time for an employee outing.

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How to Improve Security by Installing New Locks in Your Office

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jun 18, 2018

There are lots of ways to keep your office secure, but installing new locks might be the most important and overlooked.

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10 of the Best Small Business Hiring Tips

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Jun 04, 2018

When you run a small business, hiring takes on a special significance. Try these tips next time to make the process easier for everyone. 

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Hiring Seasonal Help Made Simple: 7 Questions You Need to Ask

Posted by Pekin Insurance on May 24, 2018

Hiring seasonal help isn’t like hiring a year-round employee. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to Stop Sensitive Data Exposure Mistakes in the Office

Posted by Pekin Insurance on May 21, 2018

Despite the problems that sensitive data exposure can cause, a lot of businesses are still at risk. Is your business one of them?

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7 Types of Small Business Insurance You Need to Stay Protected

Posted by Pekin Insurance on May 16, 2018

Did you know there's more than one way to protect your dream? Find out what types of small business insurance can help you keep your livelihood secure.

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This Is Why a Clear Desk Policy Is Smart for Every Business

Posted by Pekin Insurance on May 07, 2018

Find out if a clear desk policy can work in your business and how it can help employees succeed

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