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How to Improve Your Safety Program in One Minute a Day

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 07, 2016

If you can spend one minute a day providing quick safety talks to your employees, you can help reinforce your safety program and reduce your chance of an accident.  



Safety complacency is a common problem when it comes to accident prevention.  By providing a daily one-minute safety talk, you are reminding your employees how important safety is in your organization or business.


Here are a few topics that you could discuss during a one-minute safety talk:

  • When driving, maintain a safe following distance. Discuss the two-second rule for following distance when driving a passenger car in good weather. Large trucks need at least four seconds of following distance in good weather.
  • During winter, make sure your vehicle's windshield is kept free of snow and ice so you can see. Also make sure the tail lights are clear so others can see your vehicle.
  • Ask your employees to identify potential trip and fall hazards. Parking lots, front door entrances, and working surfaces should be routinely checked for tripping hazards.


Pekin Insurance has over 400 safety tool box talks that are available for free to help you support your safety culture.  For more information on how you can access these safety talks, contact your independent agent.

Taking the time to provide simple safety reminders shows your employees that you care and can help you prevent future accidents.



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