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How to Market Your Insurance Agency Online in 4 Steps

Posted by Joel Jackson on Jun 21, 2016

Let’s face it.  Insurance isn’t exactly the easiest thing to market.  It’s not like consumers are camping out in front of your agency clamoring to get that new equipment breakdown policy.


But the continuing evolution of the Internet has created some great marketing opportunities that, if managed correctly, can have consumers beating down your door … well, or your call to action landing page.  So don’t be afraid.  Check out these easy steps to dramatically increase the traffic to your website and capitalize on the leads available to your agency online.

  1. Define your personas. “Persona” is the new marketing/techie word for target clientele.  But this is more than just stating that “I want to target 65-year-old retirees.”  A persona describes many traits of this individual like what hobbies they are interested in (maybe fishing, golf, or traveling) and what matters to them (probably their grandchildren, managing their money, or politics).  In addition, a well-written persona will list the products that you sell that they may be interested in, such as auto insurance, condo insurance, Medicare supplement policies, and single premium life insurance.  The next step is to create a list of “keywords” these people are likely searching for online based upon the above persona description.  Example keywords might be “things to do with my grandchildren,” “bass fishing,” “travel ideas for seniors,” etc.  (This step is hugely important.)
  2. Check an item off your bucket list. Everyone wants to be published, right?  So here’s your chance.  Become a blogger.  Based on the persona(s) defined above, start writing blogs targeting the persona using the keywords selected.  For example, if you are targeting the 65-year-old retiree defined above, you may want to write a blog about “hobbies to do with your grandchildren.”  Within the article
  3. Call to action. To turn this blog about spending time with your grandchildren into a sale, include calls to action within the article.  When mentioning fishing equipment, include a link that says “is your valuable fishing equipment insured?” or when talking about the joy of spending time with the grandchildren, insert a link that says “leave a legacy to your family.”  Then, direct them to what we refer to as call to action landing pages.  These are pages where you provide a short description about the call to action item and then ask the consumer to provide some basic information in order to get more details.
  4. Put them in a funnel. Manage the sales leads developed in a tracking funnel which defines how good of a lead the consumer actually is.  Basically, the more information they provide, the better lead they are.  And then it is just a matter of closing the sale!

Hopefully, I have painted a commonsense picture to allow you to take advantage of the Internet for marketing purposes; however, now is when I have to make a confession.  It’s best to do this process with some expert help.  At Pekin Insurance, we have partnered with a couple of great vendors.  Buzzfarmers is an excellent company at defining personas and writing blogs.  We are also using an online tool known as HubSpot to publish the blogs, create landing pages, and track the sales funnel.  Feel free to reach out to these vendors directly or contact a local ad agency in your area and let them know that you are interested in implementing an inbound marketing program.  Best of luck! 


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