Doing Things the Safe Way Is the Right Way

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Dec 02, 2013

Occasionally, we look at an account that is significantly above average. They go the extra mile to control losses and make sure customers and employees are as safe as possible. One such account I recently surveyed was an antique and restoration shop operated by a husband and wife team, Tom and Mary, located in Southern Illinois.

The shop operates as an antique resale shop. They sell all types of furniture, collectibles, and vintage items. They also have 4 classic cars for sale. They intend to someday do car restoration work in the back of the building. They operate out of a one-story masonry non-combustible structure that was originally a Western Auto store.

So what makes this insured above average? For starters, they already have a NFPA 33 approved spray paint booth for when they begin doing classic car restoration work. And yes, the spray paint booth is fully sprinklered. They have more than the required number of fire extinguishers, properly serviced, and they have been meticulous about housekeeping and maintaining clear aisles in the shop.

Mary indicates that both she and Tom have worked for large construction companies in the past. She says this has shaped their attitudes toward safety. They have assisted with safety programs and safety meetings and fully believe that doing things the right way and the safe way is the only way. Mary indicates that when they set up their shop, customer safety and property loss control were paramount in their decisions. She can certainly be proud that they more than accomplished those goals!

Mike Goodman, ARM
Senior Loss Control Representative


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