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Posted by Pekin Insurance on Nov 15, 2011

Yes, according to a recent study, the majority of homeowners that made home improvements to their home went to the internet to get started. It is more important than ever for your home improvement business to have a thriving web presence. This is not a reference to a basic template website; this is about a high quality, functional, easily found website.

According to this survey, contractor websites were very important in the consumer decision-making process. Of this majority, 63 percent of homeowners reached a contractor's website through a search engine and 63 percent of homeowners who visited a personal contractor website ended up choosing a contractor that had a site.

Here were the items and features that consumers clicked on when on contractor sites:

  • Photos/visuals - 87 percent
  • Contact information - 83 percent
  • Learn more about their services -80 percent
  • Read reviews and testimonials - 67 percent
  • Look for special deals or promotions - 63 percent
  • Get approximate costs - 23 percent
  • Schedule an appointment - 17 percent

Consumers want visuals, and photos and videos. The days of just having a 3 page template website are history. Every year the printed yellow page usage drops 3% and the internet usage for local searches increase by at least that much.

Do your company a favor, and get a website. Just remember, you need an eye catching website that keeps the visitors on your site. And remember, having a website is only half the battle; visitors must find your website through Google and Yahoo!. There are web design companies that can create a great web presence for your home improvement business without the huge cost. You should always keep cost down, but never trip over dollars to save dimes.

Ed Mulvey, CPCU
Vice President - Underwriting


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