Are Your Employee Benefits Driving You Crazy?

Posted by Pekin Insurance on Sep 18, 2016

As a small business owner, you have new challenges surfacing every day. You want to attract and retain good employees by offering a full range of benefits, but you need to control costs and keep administration easy. 



You also know that when employees are job searching, the type of benefits a company offers can impact the decision to accept or decline a potential job offer.


That’s especially important right now, as we enter the annual enrollment period for employee benefits. If you’ve seen your renewal notification, you know that your benefit expenses are rising. You may have to consider shifting some costs to your employees by increasing deductibles and making other changes. This can certainly create gaps in your employees’ health care.


Adding a program of voluntary benefits your employees can individually elect to add to fill any gaps in health insurance and which are paid for by employees through payroll deferral can help solve your problem. They can deliver choice, convenience, and affordability by allowing employees to select from an array of options to customize their benefits package to fit their lifestyle.


Pekin Life Insurance Company can help you explore ways to enhance your core benefits package and integrate a voluntary benefits program. We offer Voluntary Term Life, Voluntary Short Term Disability, and Voluntary Accident Insurance programs that can be customized to suit your specific workforce and their budgetary needs–at little or no direct cost to your company. Your employees will appreciate the opportunity and the convenience of buying coverage at work to help them maintain their financial and physical well-being.


By sponsoring these valuable coverages, you expand the range of the core benefits you offer, boost employee morale, and keep your employees satisfied with their benefits. And since you don’t have to contribute financially, it's a smart, cost-effective choice. Contact your local Pekin Insurance agent today for more information.



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